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About Oblong

Our Name

Oblong is a word used in geometry to describe a shape that is an elongated square. Seeing that we're in the business of creating beautiful imagery as well as shapes for your interiors, mostly oblong. Also because we love the sound of the word “oblong” and typographically it looks kind of cool too. We thought it would make a great fit as the name for our online shop. We hope you agree.

Who We Are

We are an online wall art & frame store, we specialise in all our own original photography for your home, office or commercial space.


We started Oblong Shop as we could see that there was a gap in the interiors market for high quality, affordable, limited run photographic prints. Most of what is currently available is either very expensive artist works, or, its of a very low standard of print quality using stock images. We are offering unique, beautifully composed, limited run photographic images that are produced to adorn the walls of modern interiors. We print using the latest technology machinery with rich colour fast inks onto a luxe, thick matte stock. Prints can then be shipped worldwide in a tube, so that you can use your own framing (our sizing is designed to match off the shelf frames). Or, for Australian customers we offer a framing service also.

If you buy from Oblong Shop, not only you are buying a truly unique product from a photographer, you are also supporting a small Business.

Meet the Photographer

Seus Ku fell in love and moved to Australia in 2010. Being a creative type he has always been drawn to a life behind the camera lens and soon after his arrival, studied his craft at the Australian Centre of Photography in Sydney. A passionate traveller, he is determined to see as much of Australia as possible and is frequently taking off to beautiful destinations across the country to capture its unique scenery.

His passion for travel knows no bounds and has seen him embark on journeys all around the globe. Seus has travelled extensively across 5 continents so far, with the constant urge to see more resulting in the expansion of his ever growing portfolio of beautiful shots at breathtaking locations.