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Sunrise At 12 Apostles L

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Great Ocean Road Gem

Experience the breathtaking beauty of sunrise at the iconic 12 Apostles in Victoria with our stunning photo art.
The soft, warm hues of the sunrise illuminate the rugged coastline and towering limestone stacks, creating a scene of unparalleled natural splendour. Perfect for coastal and neutral home decor themes, this artwork blends seamlessly into any space, adding a touch of tranquility and coastal charm. Bring the majestic beauty of the Australian coast into your home and let this captivating piece become a focal point that inspires awe and serenity.

Photographed By Seus Ku

Sizing Chart

Prints are listed in cm and inches - What will be the size of my print?

We produce prints in both metric (centimetres) and imperial (inches) sizes. The sizing system used depends on the product type and the country in which your order is being produced.

The table below should be used as a guide.

Production lab Print Only Framed Prints Stretched Canvas
Australia inches inches inches
UK cm inches inches
EU cm inches inches
USA inches inches inches


For example our "Print Only" size of 50cm x 70cm would be printed at 20"x 28" if produced in the USA but 50x70cm if printed in the UK. In most cases there are only a few millimeters difference between the metric and imperial conversions. The reason we make this distinction is so that products are sized in the measuring systems local customers are most familiar with. For rolled prints, this also means that local shops and picture frames will fit the products produced locally.








Hand made premium quality wall art prints & frames. All our images are 100% original and exclusive to our store, shot by our esteemed photographer Seus ku. We produce in limited quantities using modern technologies & museum grade printing with the best labs in the world.

How do we do it?  We took the direct-to consumer approach. Our prints and frames are made with quality, sustainable materials. By purchasing direct from the photographer our overheads are much lower, so we pass the savings on to you.

Read more about our product information below as well as commonly asked questions. Be sure to get in touch with any other questions, we’re here to help.

Please note that all images displayed are copyright protected by Seus Ku from 2019 onwards (copr). They cannot be reproduced without permission

Captivating fine art print of the Twelve Apostles in Australia - perfect wall decor for your home or office.
Sunrise At 12 Apostles L Sale price$64.00 AUD